Born in the decrepit city of La Habana, Cuba, I moved to the U.S. at age 5 and grew up in the very rambunctious Hialeah (Miami, FL), raised on pastelitos de guayaba and Pollo Tropical. My love for learning and the guidance of an amazing handful of people got me to the University of Chicago, “where fun goes to die.” But little did I know that the U of C would also be a place where friendships would flourish, love grow, and opportunities abound. Amidst those painfully windy winters in the wasteland otherwise known as Hyde Park, I found all of those wonderful things.

Five years ago, love led me to Geneva, where I’ve encountered a new day with a bright sunrise full of promise and possibility. After a brief hiatus I am back and in full force, ready to explore everything Geneva, and Switzerland, has to offer.

Follow my blog for updates on restaurants and bars in Geneva, events and travel destinations in Switzerland and abroad. I also write on international development topics, namely on international business topics, the UN, migration, and refugee issues.




  1. Hi Claudia!
    I happened to come across your blog & enjoyed reading your posts! I’m American (Los Angeles, California) and have been living in Geneva for a bit over a year. Would love to chat over coffee someday. Hit me up if you’d like.

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